Monthly Scholarship Winners2020-01-24T09:32:28-05:00

The International Foundation for Protection Officers stands for professionalism and education. As part of that commitment the IFPO is now offering scholarships! Below is a listing of the randomly selected monthly scholarship winners. (Apply here each month.)

December 2019 Steven Pokriefka Santa Cruz, CA U.S.A
November 2019 Dave L Magallanes El Cajon, CA U.S.A
June 2019 Andrew Akers Feltham Middlesex United Kingdom
April 2019 Michelle Rivera Memphis, TN U.S.A
January 2019 Lovadis Dominguez Clewiston, FL U.S.A
February 2019 Priscilla Tucker Miami, FL U.S.A
January 2019 Lovadis Dominguez Clewiston, FL U.S.A
August 2018 Brad Marcozzi Peyton, CO U.S.A
July 2018 Jimmy Garrett, CSSM Aurora, MO U.S.A
June 2018 Jose F. Cano Harlingen, Texas U.S.A
May 2018 Michael Durkin Ottawa, ON Canada
April 2018 Anonymous Brooklyn, NY U.S.A
March 2018 Hotel Employee Manila Philippines
February 2018 David Rothberg Maryland Heights, MO U.S.A
January 2018 Zach S. Mobile, AL U.S.A
December 2017 Thomas Harris Louisville, KY U.S.A
November 2017 Kevin Gorman Kandahar Afghanistan
October 2017 Kristian Perez Pembroke Pines, FL U.S.A
September 2017 Anthony M. LoBurio Chicago, Illinois U.S.A
August 2017 Chris Gift Coeur d'Alene, Idaho U.S.A
July 2017 Lesli Haynes Kingston Jamaica Jamaica
June 2017 Brian Robert S. Phaneuf Calgary, Alberta CA
May 2017 Alfred Wiles Glasgow, MT U.S.A.
April 2017 Kraig Maestas Albuquerque, NM U.S.A.
March 2017 Robert Lopez Vallejo, CA U.S.A.
February 2017 Thomas Fisher Troy, MI U.S.A.
January 2017 Aaron B. Jensen Bemidji, MN U.S.A.
December 2016 Richard Deleon Stockdale, TX U.S.A
November 2016 Aaron Jensen Cass Lake, MN U.S.A
October 2016 David Cesefske Orlando, FL U.S.A.
September 2016 Maclean Kew Sherwood Park, AB CA
July 2016 Andre Miller Raleigh, NC U.S.A
June 2016 Nicholas Banister Fairview, PA. U.S.A
May 2016 Philip Tibbs Detroit, MI U.S.A
April 2016 Jason Saunders Orlando, FL U.S.A