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The Physical Security series examines basic protection practices of layered security and defense in depth. This series is recommended for contract and proprietary protection officers seeking understanding and awareness of the physical security concepts of planning and conducting surveys, security plans, and access control measures. Physical security components of protective lighting, closed circuit television, electronic access systems, and interior, exterior, boundary, and volumetric intrusion detection systems are introduced. Today's security officer must understand advanced technologies, capabilities, weaknesses, and deployment strategies.
Each student will receive a Record of Training at the end of these programs. The student may then purchase an IFPO Certificate of Completion for $10.00 for each individual module, or for $10.00 purchase one certificate upon achieving the complete series.

'The Fundamentals

Introduction to Physical Security

  • The Security Survey
  • Perimeter Security
  • Walls, Windows, and Doors
  • Key and Lock Control
  • Security Containers
  • Protective Lighting

Types of Lighting

  • Lighting Concepts and Terminology
  • Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Interior Lighting
  • Factors and Requirements
  • Electronic Access Systems

Access Control

  • Systems Overview
  • Electronic Access Technologies
  • Access Control Challenges
  • textbook Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection Systems

Security Systems and the Operator

  • Interior Protection
  • Boundary Protection
  • Volumetric Protection
  • Exterior Protection
  • Closed-Circuit Television

Operation Basics

  • Surveillance Cameras and Lenses
  • Recording Devices and Videotape
  • Monitors and Digital CCTV
  • Transmission Methods
  • Infrared Lighting

Physical Security Complete Series

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I: The Fundamentals

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II: Protective Lighting

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III: Electronic Access Systems

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IV: Intrusion Detection Systems

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V: Closed Circuit Television

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