Employers of Security Supervision and Management Program2014-01-30T14:39:13-05:00

Many organizations recognize the Security Supervision and Management Program (SSMP) as a [highlight]professional, comprehensive, and cost effective alternative[/highlight] or supplement to other security training programs. In many cases, employers have integrated the SSMP course into their own security supervisory development processes. The program can be [highlight]easily tailored[/highlight] to fit the unique needs of an organization so that it can be implemented in several different ways. More and more employers are insisting that the SSMP be completed  prior to promotion into [highlight]supervisory positions[/highlight].

The following is a partial list of organizations employing persons who have completed the Security Supervision and Management Program or gone on to attain the Certified in Security Supervision and Management (CSSM) designation:

Algoma Steel Corporation
American Red Cross
AT&T Microelectronics
Baltimore County Police Department
Bergen Brunswig Corporation
The Bon-Ton
Burns Int'l Security Services
Calgary Exhibition & Stampede
Caterpillar, Inc.
Conley Security
Corp. of Commissionaires
Dept. of National Defence
Digital Equipment
Dow Chemical, Inc.
Elmira College
Fairfax County Police Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Express
Factory Card Outlet
GE Aerospace
Georgia Power Company
GPU Service Corporation
Hannon Security Services
Hurley Medical Center
Hershey Lodge & Convention Center
Hutchinson Hospital
Initial Security
IntelliTec Medical Institute
Jackson Police Department
John Hancock Financial Services
Kimberly Clark Corporation
Martin Marietta Aerospace
Memorial Hospital
Messiah College
Metropol Security Inc.

Motorola Inc
Mount Allison University
New York Police Department
Northern Telecom
Osteopathic Medical Center
Penn State University
Pennsylvania State Police
Philadelphia University Pinkertons
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
Prince George's County Police Department
Proctor & Gamble, Corp.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Seattle Art Museum
S.M. Flickinger Company, Inc
St. Luke's Hospital
Texas Instruments
Travellers Company
United States Customs & Border Protection
United States Marine Corps
United States Marshals Service
University of Mississippi
South Carolina
Villanova University
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Wells Fargo Guard Service
WSWHE BOCES (Board of Cooperative
Educational Services, New York State)
York College of Pennsylvania
York County Sheriff's Department
York Hospital
York Area Regional Police Department